Operating principles of FB-Tracker™ online app

Facebook accounts can be hacked remotely thanks to a mechanism based on algorithms capable of exploiting the critical vulnerability of SS7 protocol used by cellular networks. The interface is optimized for all major mobile operators and is compatible with such devices as smartphones, tablets and PCs. To launch a session, just specify a URL of a target page. FB-Tracker™ automatically detects a number associated with a target account, takes control of all cellular provider traffic and intercepts a system SMS with a confirmation code. The intercepted code is used to transfer a specified account to a Facebook application emulator, (is part of the ecosystem). As a result, an archive of user files is created, containingauthorization credentials, correspondence in the Messenger app, photos placed on the wall, likes and comments made, and marked visits. You can download such an archive within 24 hours after the operation is completed.

Facebook spy FB-Tracker can track

The Tool for Tracking Activity in a Child's Facebook Account

  • The Parental Control features ensures full monitoring of everything that happens in your child's account. The application tracks the messages, likes, posts regardless of public settings, friend requests etc. Tracking occurs in real time, the data are displayed with a delay of not more than 3 seconds. Go to your Dashboard and find the Timeline tab, where you can view all the past and new activities in the target account in chronological order.

Spyware for Tracking Actions in Facebook Brand Page

  • Application FB-Tracker.Pages complements the standard FB-Tracker application optimized to track the competitors. You can monitor activity on the landing page, including viewing statistics and interactions with the posts, scheduled posts and their targeting settings. All the activity is also saved to the application database and can be downloaded later.

Device Owner's Facebook Location Tracking Feature

  • Facebook location tracking is one of the standard FB-Tracker features, which is available to all our users by default. The entire history of location changes is saved and displayed in the Address Log via the table with the addresses of buildings and coordinates. The margin error in determining geolocation is no more than 5 sq.m. geolocation determining accuracy is steady regardless of a target user's movement speed.

The Software for Wiretapping of Facebook Calls

  • To wiretap the calls, a user needs to connect to the live broadcast of an audio or video call of interest. The high-quality data transmission occurs with a delay of no more than one second. A user can also record the call via the FB-Tracker interface to check later what it was about, or download it to the device in the MP4 file format. The interaction with the call data occurs in a discreet way.

Let's get started!
5 Steps for the Facebook Profile Spy

Register on the website via email, Facebook, Google or Instagram.

Provide a link to the profile page or username you wish to hack.

Wait while FB-Tracker's algorithms assess the possibility of hacking.

Once tracking session is up and running, choose the suitable pricing plan and replenish your account balance using the chosen payment method.

You are all set and ready to go! Log in to created account in the FB-Tracker and start viewing all the content of compromised Facebook account.

Can target user get to know I am spying on him?

No, he won't be able to learn it if you will use the third-party interface of the FB-Tracker to view Facebook data. Be sure not to log in to compromised account via Facebook interface as it can reveal the hacking attempt.

Will I be able to see when account owner was last online?

Yes, this information will be visible on main screen of the FB-Tracker's Dashboard.

Will application track the target user if he is offline?

Yes, Facebook's online spy works with the social network's database, which means that tracking will only stop if Facebook itself stops working.

How does GPS tracking work if the target user's phone is disconnected?

If the device is disabled, the last tracked geolocation will be reflected on the FB-Tracker's Dashboard.