Hacking Facebook with FB-Tracker is about:

Viewing personal message history

  • After Facebook account has been hacked with FB-Tracker, full account history will appear on your Dashboard. This data will include the messages sent and received using both the web version of Facebook and Facebook Messenger. The chat requests ignored by the account owner will be displayed in a special tab.

Group Chats

  • The history of group chats will be available in a separate tab of your FB-Tracker's Dashboard. In addition to the types of data displayed for regular chats, you can also find out who controls, adds and blocks the messages as well as the users leaving the chat and survey results. Important: you will only have access to the part of chat history which is available to the owner of the hacked account.

Audio messages

  • You can listen to the audio messages in the FB-Tracker interface or download them as a ZIP archive. Downloaded audio messages will be available in MP4 format. Using the web interface to check the audio messages, you can increase their playback speed. When downloading an archive of group chat audio messages, you will notice that the file name will contain sender's name.

Attached Files

  • The archive of attachments sent and received by the account owner during the chats in Facebook and Facebook Messenger is available in a separate tab on your FB-Tracker's Dashboard. You can only view the photos and videos via software interface. Other file types are available for download only.

How to hack Facebook chat in 15 minutes

Registration and Payment

Register using email or log in with Facebook, Google or Instagram. Provide a link to the target account.

Choosing the Pricing Plan

First, we recommend checking FB-Tracker pricing plans. Choose the most suitable payment method and replenish your account balance.

Hacking Account

You will have to wait a little while FB-Tracker mechanisms intercept the password recovery message. In the meanwhile, we advise you to learn more about this software.


Now go to the Dashboard to view chat history of compromised account and download the archives with account data.

Why FB-Tracker is the best way to hack Facebook?

  • You Can Track Several Accounts at Once!

    Our customers often ask us to hack multiple accounts. Therefore, one of our latest updates also contains the FB-Tracker PRO version. You can now choose the number of accounts you want to hack and pay less for their hacking.

  • Flexible Use

    FB-Tracker is a web application and data cloud available for the platforms of any kind. All the content of a compromised account can be stored both offline and online. Moreover, this application does not require any setup as all the magic happens in the browser, and the application fully operates on our equipment.

  • Easy-to-Use and Intuitive Interface

    Developing the interface design, we were focusing on the beginning users. The features of both the full and the mobile versions of this application are 3 clicks away from the main page of your Dashboard. If you are still not getting something right, feel free to contact our Customer Support. In addition, a detailed User Guide is available for the convenience of our customers. User Guide.

  • Safety and Confidentiality

    We do not share your data with anyone, nor do we use it to build social media audiences or for remarketing. If you decide to delete your FB-Tracker account, your data will be immediately erased from our database. By the way, we promise not to bore you with our newsletters!

Will I be able to see new chats?

Yes, you will definitely see them as FB-Tracker updates the database in real time. As soon as the user starts new chats, the chat messages will immediately be reflected on your Dashboard.

How can I get to know about new messages?

So far, you can only follow the updates on your Dashboard. We will introduce browser notifications and sound alerts in an upcoming update.

Will I be able to see the remote messages?

Unfortunately, you won't be able to see the messages deleted before hacking since we cannot access them. Facebook doesn't store data about deleted messages in the database. But if the message was deleted after the account was hacked, it will still be saved in our database and you will be able to see it.

Accessing the Chats and Attached Files of the Target Facebook Account

In FB-Tracker, you can view chats and download archives from any type of device such as computer, tablet or phone. To view the chats of the hacked profile, you can use the web application interface or download them in a ZIP archive. Attached files can be downloaded individually or as a large archive that includes all the files sent and received during a certain single or group chat. When downloading an archive of group chat messages, you will notice that the file name will contain information about sender.

Remote Facebook Messages Hacking

FB-Tracker doesn't display information about the messages deleted before the account was hacked, but it stores information about the messages deleted after that. Apart from the saved message content, you will also get access to the information about when exactly it was deleted.

FB-Tracker is a tool designed for remote hacking of Facebook accounts. The software requests and intercepts the password recovery code for the target account, exploiting the vulnerability of Facebook security system. To read Facebook messages, the user doesn't need to install any software or perform any other actions.

To view the chat history of someone else's account, you don't need to log into the hacked account. After the account has been hacked, all the content of the chats is displayed in a third-party interface, that is, the Dashboard of FB-Tracker. Using the Dashboard, the user can read someone else's Facebook chat history, download the message history, and access attached files.

The FB-Tracker application allows you to anonymously read someone else's conversations. Authorization to a hacked account takes place on a virtual device, that is, Facebook does not receive any user data.

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