Buying Your First BTC. The Most Reliable Methods.

Cryptocurrencies are the most secure and anonymous way to make Internet payments. They are unrivaled when it comes to making highly confidential transactions. That is exactly why FB-Tracker™ users are strongly recommended to choose Bitcoin as the main and the only way for adding funds to their Dashboard balances.

There's a general belief that only professionals or experienced investors can buy cryptocurrencies, since this process is fraught with certain difficulties. In fact, the industry has already undergone a profound scaling and currently there are methods allowing safe asset purchase in just a few easy steps.

There are many long established financial institutions over the Internet allowing secure purchase of cryptocurrencies: broker's boards, wallets, and automated exchangers. One can select a particular tool, depending on usability and personal preferences. The only difficulty any new client encounters is the KYC (Know Your Customer) procedure requiring the submission of identity documents for further operations. KYC is an enforced by law measure designed to prevent money laundering and tax evasion.

The only way for avoiding the long process of identity verification is to buy cryptocurrency from a private individual. There is nothing difficult In this process, but you should take certain measures to fully protect yourself against shady sellers.

Let's look into 2 purchase methods being the safest:

localbitcoins LocalBitcoins ( is a P2P platform for buying and selling Bitcoins. Users make there trading offers indicating exchange rates and accepted payment methods. You should select an offer with the most favorable conditions and create a transaction request. Next, you'll need to transfer funds to the seller's bank card or electronic wallet. The seller, in turn, will send cryptocurrency to an account bound to your LocalBitcoins profile. The transaction is considered completed only when both parties fulfilled all the necessary obligations. The LocalBitcoins platform in this case acts as a guarantor and eliminates all possible risks.


  1. Complete a standard account registration procedure after reading the User Agreement.
  2. After confirming your email address, you will be redirected to
  3. Read and follow the instructions (
  4. After a successful purchase, go to the “wallet” section and send the payment to your individual FB-Tracker™ address, which can be obtained in the “balance” section.
  5. Wait for funds to be credited. At least 3 confirmations from Bitcoin blockchain are required for your balance to be displayed in the Dashboard.

BestChange ( offers cryptocurrency exchangers monitoring. At BestChange, you can both select the most appropriate transaction conditions, and familiarize yourself with the current ratings and reviews. This platform's operation principles allow minimizing risks and eliminating deals with shady sellers. Data is updated every 5 seconds and can't be manipulated in any way. Please note that BestChange service, unlike LocalBitcoins, is not a guarantor and only shows the reputation of exchangers. Always check the reviews of a selected seller provided by external sources.


  1. Create a wallet in advance to which a seller will transfer your Bitcoins later on. It's one of the most reliable and proven services - BLOCKCHAIN (
  2. Manual: BestChange ( select an appropriate currency pair.
  3. Select one of enlisted exchangers based on the most favorable exchange rate and the maximum number of positive reviews.
  4. Follow the further instructions on this exchanger's website. Feel free to contact consultants with any question.
  5. To get Bitcoins from a seller, use your BLOCKCHAIN ( wallet created earlier.
  6. After a successful purchase, visit BLOCKCHAIN ( and make a payment to your individual FB-Tracker™ address, which can be obtained in the “balance” section
  7. Wait for funds to be credited. For your balance to be displayed in the Dashboard, at least 3 confirmations from Bitcoin blockchain are required.

It may take from several minutes to several hours.