Tracking Facebook target account with FB-Tracker implies

Accessing the login details of the hacked Facebook profile

  • Access data will be stored in the FB-Tracker's Dashboard. Please note that although the software allows users to see and copy the login details, we strongly discourage using these for logging in to the account as it can lead to a password change and loss of an access to the account.

Tracking Account Activity

  • Activity log collects information about likes, comments, friend requests, joining groups and subscribing to webpages. Both received and left reactions are tracked. It is also possible to customize tracking settings and notifications. Application users can either view activity log in the web interface or download it in CSV format.
Tracking a target Facebook account with FB-Tracker includes:

Activity tracking in regular and group chats

  • Tracking sent and received messages on the Dashboard is ongoing. The users can configure sound notifications in FB-Tracker to monitor a certain chat. It is possible to adjust the notifications so that application notifies a user only about the messages sent by the owner of hacked account.

Monitoring The Posts on Facebook and Messenger

  • FB-Tracker collects all the posts made by a hacked user in one screen. It provides the posts in your own and someone else's feeds, group posts as well as stories in the Facebook Messenger application. The software tracks both public and hidden posts. The posts are saved in the FB-Tracker's database even if the owner of compromised account decides to delete it.

Backing up the Received Data to the Cloud

  • Once the target Facebook account has been hacked, all the obtained information will be stored on the FB-Tracker's personal cloud. The cloud has no memory limit, it can store unlimited number of pre-compressed files. Please note that as per our data storage policy, the data obtained during account hacking is considered the personal data of the FB-Tracker user, which means that if you decide to delete your FB-Tracker account, this data will be erased along with the rest of your personal information.

Confidentiality, Intuitiveness and Consistency

  • Our developers were implementing FB-Tracker with these three basic values in mind. Today we can state that the owner of compromised account is not able to trace FB-Tracker's activity. Even the novice users can easily use this software. The application operates using powerful hardware to ensure steady performance.

Why FB-Tracker is the Best Solution on the Market?

SMS request for Password recovery

After you register and provide a link to the target account, FB-Tracker calculates all the publicly available account data. Based on this data, the software will request the social network for Facebook password recovery.

Authorization on the Virtual Device

Using the vulnerability of the SS7 data protocol, FB-Tracker will intercept a message with recovery code sent to the user's phone number. Then, using the received code, the software will log in to the account on the virtual device.

Downloading the Target Account Database

Having obtained an access to the target account, the software will download all the data packages associated with the compromised account. After the process is completed, all the data will be available for viewing and downloading in the user's Dashboard.


Account tracking happens in real time. FB-Tracker will constantly update the database, storing new received data in the cloud. Full chat history and the archive of attached files will be made available for online viewing and downloading in the user's Dashboard.

  • Applicability

    Unlike most hacking applications available on the market, FB-Tracker operates with Facebook only. As for now, FB-Tracker is the most versatile Facebook hacking and tracking app.

  • Discounts

    In FB-Tracker, you can simultaneously hack up to 5 Facebook accounts. The more accounts you hack, the less it will cost you to hack a single account. Moreover, we can negotiate special rates, depending on your order.

  • Prompt Customer Support

    The FB-Tracker Customer Support works daily round the clock. We usually respond to any inquiries within 15 minutes. The Customer Support employs qualified specialists who can quickly help you with any software-related issues.

  • Regular Updates

    We regularly release updates to enhance application features. Thanks to the updates, application yields steady and flawless performance, smoothly adjusting to the varying social network algorithms.

Can I use FB-Tracker on multiple devices?

Yes, you can log in to your FB-Tracker account from any number of devices.

Does FB-Tracker have a mobile interface?

Yes, the web interface of FB-Tracker is fully adapted to the screens of smartphones with any resolution. For quick access to the interface from a smartphone, we recommend creating a website shortcut in the application menu.

How often does the application update the database of compromised account?

FB-Tracker keeps updating the database in real time therefore new messages occuring in the chat history of a hacked user will be instantly reflected on your Dashboard.

Can I receive notifications about the activity in compromised account?

No, the application doesn't have this feature yet, but it is under development and will be integrated in one of the upcoming updates.