• Hacking Facebook Groups and Admin Pages


    Facebook's security system is especially sensitive to any suspicious page activity. Hence, FB-Tracker.Pages uses a third-party interface to let the user access to all the data without logging in to the social network.

  • Loyal Pricing

    Loyal Pricing

    You don't have to separately pay for hacking each public or group page. When you hack a user account, you instantly get access to all the public pages that the target user administers. We don't set a limit on the number of public pages or the size of collected database.

  • Regular Updates

    Regular Updates

    FB-Tracker is constantly evolving. We regularly release updates to improve the interface of the Dashboard and enhance application features. Moreover, we promptly respond to all the bug reports and carefully review user suggestions.

Terms of Use

Before using FB-Tracker.Pages, please make sure that the user whose profile you intend to hack is administering,editing or moderating the pages of your interest. If the user has some other role on the page or doesn't manage it at all, you won't be able to get access to the required data.

Accessing the Data on the Hacked User Account

  • As with the standard version of FB-Tracker, hacking the target account, a user gets login details and can log in to the hacked account. However, we strongly discourage using these. Authorization from a suspicious IP might cause Facebook mechanisms suspecting hacking. This can lead to a password change and subsequent loss of access to the target account.

Incoming and Outgoing Messages of the Pages and Groups

  • The Messages tab in the FB-Tracker's Dashboard displays both the correspondence and the history of user interaction with the chatbot. Viewing sent messages, a user can also see the names of administrators or moderators that were contacted during conversations. In addition, the configured scripts of the chatbot operation are also available for viewing.

Statistics of Usual and Advertising Posts

  • The software parses all the data and metrics that can be viewed by a hacked user. A user will be able to see the scope of the promoted posts, the number of interactions, but not the average cost per click, post relevance and other data available for viewing in Ads Manager.

Likes, Reactions, Comments and Reposts

  • All data related to the posts is collected in a separate tab with a simple and convenient interface. A user just needs to click on the post to view a structured report on all the interactions made. The Dashboard enables flexible configuration of notifications with filtering of the required types of interactions.
To access the data of a public page or group, follow the following steps:
Create a FB-Tracker account

Complete registration by entering your email address or logging in with Facebook, Google or Instagram. After confirming registration, provide a link to the administrator profile of the page you want to hack.

Choose a pricing plan

To access the data of administered public page, you need to choose the FB-Tracker.Pages pricing plan. Please note that you might not be able to access the data when paying for the use of standard version of FB-Tracker.

Wait for a successful hack

Hacking usually won't take more than 15 minutes. The software will download the database of the hacked page, adapt it to the Dashboard interface, and convert the data into an archive available for download.

How do I hack a page or group without knowing who is administering it?

A page or a group can be hacked with FB-Tracker only through hacking the admin page. However, quite often information about administrators is available in the public domain. To find out who is managing a page or a group, click the Information tab in the control panel of page content on the left. Then find the Administrators and Moderators section. This information is public by default.

Will I be able to see hidden page reviews?

Yes, when a page is hacked, FB-Tracker gains access to the content of reviews even if the section of interest was previously hidden by the administrators.

Will I get access to the ad account data?

You will only be able to see the statistics of advertised posts, which is available to any administrator of the page where the particular post was published.

Will I be able to run the ads using the means of a hacked user?

No, having hacked the target account, you won't gain a control over the ad account of the account holder.

Spyware facebook tool

Read the Conversations on the Public Facebook Page

There are not many ways to hack the chat history of a public Facebook page. Brand pages are one of the main sources of social network income therefore Facebook's security system pays special attention to any suspicious activity related to public pages. The most common approach is to hack the page of one of the landing page admins. This is the approach used to hack brand pages with FB-Tracker. After hacking, all the data related to the chats on the target page will be available on the Dashboard of the user subscribed to the FB-Tracker.Pages.

View The Statistics of a Facebook Public Page

After hacking administrator's account, the software also downloads and displays all the statistics regarding the page and posts on the Dashboard. This data includes the scope and the number of post views, likes, reposts, comments, and clicks on the CTA buttons. Statistics can also be downloaded as XLS compressed files. FB-Tracker.Pages package always provides the statistics of a competitor's page therefore you won't need to buy any add-ons to access this information.

Delete Someone Else's Page or a Group

FB Tracker is a fast and secure way to delete a brand page or Facebook group. In order to do this, pay for the hacking of administrator's account, use the login data available in the Login Details tab on the Dashboard to log in to the account and delete the landing page or group. To stay anonymous, we recommend using a VPN or proxy before authorization.

Hack a Closed Facebook Group

The FB-Tracker can hack and download all the data from closed groups. After hacking, the user can access the history of all the posts made in the group as well as data on the group leaders and group documents. A user can also use the hacked login details to change the group settings, remove or add the group members. The FB-Tracker administration recommends the users to carefully consider taking any actions that involve direct interaction with the hacked page. Such actions may lead to a password change by the account owner and subsequent loss of an access to updating the database.

Hack Facebook Ad Account

The FB-Tracker.Pages application provides access to some of the data related to the Facebook ad account, but it doesn't offer the information about the audience, payments and payment methods. To get this information, use someone else's Facebook advertising account to change the settings in the advertising account. A user can use the hacked login details available for viewing and copying in the FB-Tracker's Dashboard to log in to the owner's advertising account.

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